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Exciting Product Update: Introducing Client Folders! We’re thrilled to announce a major enhancement to our platform that will streamline your workflow and help you stay organized like never before. Here’s what’s new: 1. Create Client Folders Managing your clients and their data has just become more organized. With our new Client Folders feature, you can now create […]


We’re thrilled to introduce a host of new features and improvements in our latest update, making your experience with Coveragely even more dynamic and user-friendly: 1. New Report Editor Page Say hello to our brand-new Report Editor Page! We’ve revamped and optimized the interface to provide you with a more intuitive and efficient way to customize […]


We’re excited to unveil the latest enhancements in our recent Coveragely update! Here’s a peek at the internal fixes that make your experience even better: Internal Fixes:  Improved Front End Indicators: Enjoy a smoother user interface with upgraded progress indicators and loading states for a seamless navigation experience.  Enhanced Success and Error Messages: We’ve revamped success and […]

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” Peter Drucker The success and growth of digital marketing can be explained by a number of factors: its effectiveness compared to traditional marketing, its ability to reach highly targeted audiences, and the benefit of being able to accurately measure ROI from all digital marketing channels. But […]

Hey there, amazing Coveragely users! We’ve got a fantastic update that’s going to take your domain analysis to the next level.  What’s New: Until now, Coveragely has been your go-to tool for fetching essential domain metrics from Moz, Majestic, Semrush, and more. It’s been your trusty sidekick for creating comprehensive reports.  The Game Changer: But […]