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Pitching to the media is an essential part of digital PR, but if you’ve never done it before, it can be daunting. Pitching can be in the form of an email, phone call or a direct message via social media to a journalist in the hope that they’ll cover your story, resulting in news coverage […]

In the month that brought us a long bank holiday weekend, a visit from the Easter bunny and hopefully lots of chocolate, there were plenty of campaigns to choose from. We’ve put together a roundup of our favourite ones to brighten up your afternoon, so grab a cuppa plus any leftover Easter chocolate and check […]

February & Valentine's Digital PR Campaign Favourites

February ❤️‍🔥: A month full of love, lust and plenty of lighthearted Valentine’s Day campaigns – and to celebrate it, we’ve put together a round up of our favourite ones to brighten up your afternoon. So grab a cuppa and check out the next Digital PR Spotlight of the year.  Using events like Valentine’s Day […]

January 2024: it was a New Year, a new you and it brought us loads of new Digital PR Campaigns too. That’s right – it’s only Q1, and we’ve already been spoiled for choice for our first campaign spotlight of the year. So get comfy and grab a hot drink as we reveal the three […]

2023 PR campaign favourites

Barbenheimer, the official ending of the COVID-19 pandemic, international conflicts, England’s triumph at the Women’s World Cup and sky-high inflation – it’s fair to say that 2023 was a year of ups and downs. It’s been no different in the world of marketing and PR, with low budgets (thanks, cost of living crisis), high expectations […]

Productivity hacks

Emails, channels, tools, strategies, meetings, data, reporting – as a marketing or PR professional, you might feel like you spend your time juggling an ever-expanding list of priorities. So how can you get more done, without having to find even more hours in your already busy schedule? Well, increasing your productivity doesn’t mean working longer […]