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Frequently Asked Questions


Signing up to a paid plan is easy; simply click the upgrade button when logged into the dashboard view and then select which package you’d like to upgrade to. Your allowances will automatically reflect the subscription level post payment.

Each package describes the number of users and clips available. However if you are still not sure which is the most suitable plan you can email us at [email protected] for further advice.

If you are unsure how your needs may vary from month to month then we recommend you opt for monthly billing as once you commit to a yearly package you cannot downgrade until your plan expires. If you find you need to upgrade whilst on a monthly plan, this can be done at any time from within the dashboard view and your allowances will automatically reflect the subscription level post payment.

If you exceed your plan limits you will need to upgrade to a higher package – this can be done easily within the dashboard view, just click the upgrade button.

The coverage quota is the number of URLs you can store within your Coveragely account. If you exceed this limit, you will need to upgrade to a higher package as you will be unable to add any more URLs to the reports. The quota renews monthly.

No. Every month your coveragely credits are reset. No credits roll over so please make sure you add all your coverage in good time.

Payments are processed using Stripe which accepts all major credit cards. The same method is used to take payments each month/year depending on which kind of plan you selected.
Should you require an invoice with a PO referenced, please email [email protected] and we will help make this happen. This option is only available with annual billing.

There are no minimum contracts. For annual billing you will have access to Coveragely for one calendar year. For monthly plans you can cancel at any time, however no refunds can be given on payments that have already been processed. You can see when the renewal dates are from within the account section when you are logged in.
Should you require an invoice with a PO referenced, please email [email protected] and we will help make this happen. This option is only available with annual billing.

Once a paid plan expires, you will be able to view your reports for 3 months. You will be unable to add or edit the reports. After 3 months, the reports will be deleted and your subdomain released back into the pool.


The trial lasts for 14 days in which time you’ll be able to do everything in the starter package aside from using a custom subdomain and exporting a report to Google docs / CSV. There is more info here on each package.

Once your trial ends you’ll no longer be able to access your account. Your data will be stored for 14 days should you decide to upgrade, after which it will be deleted.

No – you can use Coveragely without entering card details, but if you want to upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll need to enter card information or contact support to arrange an annual invoice if card payment is unavailable.


Absolutely – Here is a link to a sample report so you can check out the functionality and data points

It really is as simple as logging in, setting the target domain, pasting your coverage URLs, selecting your metrics and pressing go.
Wait a few minutes (or we will email you when it is ready) and you will have a beautifully designed coverage report you can share with your colleagues or clients. If you do get stuck, just drop us an email and we will gladly help.

Within the ‘Overview” section on your dashboard you will see a list of reports. In the bottom right hand corner of each report you will see the text ”delete report”.

This depends on how many pieces of coverage you load but a report with 10 pieces of coverage should be ready in around 5 minutes. We will send an email to the account that created the report if you do not want to wait.

Yes each report is fully customizable in terms of which metrics you want to show – just click the eye icon in the top right hand corner within the metrics tab and you can toggle on and off which metrics you want to include / exclude.

We include Majestic and Moz data with all free and paid plans. You can choose which data points you include in your reports.

You will need an API key which is provided when you sign up to SEMrush and Ahrefs directly.

Yes simply grab the image you require and then head over to the “Coverage” section in your report. Next you need to click on the individual coverage piece you want to update, and then click the three dots in the top right hand corner after which you’ll see a drop down menu (one of which is the option to “Edit Coverage”). As well as changing the image you can also change the site name, title, description and publish date if you so wish.

We recommend you use the hero image section to upload your client or organisation logo. For optimal results, you should upload a logo with a clear background.

Within your dashboard, click on “Coverage” from the tabbed menu and then click on the piece of coverage you’d like to highlight or unhighlight. You’ll now see three dots in the top right hand corner of the piece of coverage you have selected. Click this button and a drop down menu will appear – with one of the options being to “highlight” or “unhighlight” that piece of coverage. If you choose to highlight it, a blue star will appear adjacent to the three button menu, letting you know this piece of coverage will be highlighted in the report. Reverse this process to unhghlght a piece of coverage.

Within the overview section of the dashboard view, scroll down until you reach the Front Cover section. From there click the Edit button where you’ll be able to add or change a description, change the report name as well as update or remove the cover image.

Sometimes for technical reasons it may not be possible to screen grab every piece of coverage – in this instance we recommend you grab the image manually and upload it in the dashboard area.

If you have a team or business account you can add another team member by navigating to “My Organisation” within the dashboard view and then sending the new team member (s) an invite via email.

No, once this has been set it cannot be amended.

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