Get powerful integrations and SEO metrics for your coverage

PR and SEO specialists often struggle to gather, organize and analyze data from various sources to create comprehensive reports. This is where Coveragely comes in, offering powerful data integrations that simplify the process of collecting and analyzing data. With Coveragely, PR and SEO specialists can create insightful reports in a fraction of the time, without the headache of data management.
The problem

Traditional PR Reporting is Boring and Time-Consuming

Let’s face it: traditional PR reporting is dull. It involves wading through pages of text, tables, and charts to find the data you need. This process is not only tedious, but it also takes up valuable time that you could be spending on other important tasks.

The Solution

Create Highly Visual, Sharable Reports with Coveragely

With Coveragely, you can create highly visual, sharable reports that will make your PR reporting a breeze. Our platform allows you to easily create reports that feature graphs, charts, and images that are easy to understand and visually appealing.

But that’s not all. Our reports are also shareable, so you can quickly and easily share your reports with your team, clients, or stakeholders. This is especially useful when you need to get approval or feedback on your PR campaigns.

In addition to visual reports, Coveragely also offers a custom subdomain for all your team’s reports. This means that you can easily keep all your reports in one place and access them whenever you need them.

The benefits

Save Time and Impress Your Clients

By using Coveragely for your PR reporting, you can save time and impress your clients with your visually stunning reports. Our platform streamlines the reporting process and allows you to create reports that are easy to understand and visually appealing. Plus, with our shareable reports, you can quickly get feedback and approval from your team, clients, or stakeholders.

There are many ways to share your reports:

What digital marketers are saying about Coveragely

“As a client of Coveragely, I can confidently say that their software tool for visualising PR coverage and link reports has been a game changer for our agency.”

Arsen Rabinovich
TopHat Rank

”Coveragely’s ability to create visualised reports with all available metrics means we can easily share results with multiple stakeholders throughout the business.”

Rob Hughes

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